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SXSW 2018 Review: FAMILY

By Jan Hamilton Kate (Taylor Schilling) is a seemingly successful VP of finance at a large firm.  However, no one seems to like her and she doesn’t understand why.   She is unable to see how truly awfully she treats her underlings at work.  She never fails to insult people in completely thoughtless ways, as […]

SXSW 2018 Review: 6 BALLOONS

By Jan Hamilton It’s difficult to have patience with a loved one who keeps going back to hard drugs, but that is the position in which Kate (Abbi Jacobson) is.  Although he has a two year-old daughter, her brother Seth (Dave Franco)  can’t stay off of heroin for long.  Separated from his wife, Seth often […]

SXSW 2018 Review: PERFECT

By Jan Hamilton A nice looking teen (Garrett Wareing) awakens to find that he has apparently killed his girlfriend in an alcohol or drug-induced haze.  His rich beautiful mother (Abbie Cornish) takes him to the same rehab clinic where she was sent as a youth.  It does not seem to be a typical clinic, as […]


By Jan Hamilton This Australian film starts off slowly with two middle-aged, bearded brothers biking down country roads in the pre-dawn hours toward their childhood home.  They are disguised and make sure no one sees them.  Their plan, which soon becomes apparent, is to murder their step-father, so that he doesn’t inherit the family farm […]


By Jan Hamilton In an enjoyable, but somewhat predictable thriller, a hit man, Roy Cady (Ben Foster), is sent by his boss (Beau Bridges) to dispatch an attorney.  However, Roy and his partner are jumped by a second hit squad at the attorney’s home.  Roy is able to escape with a teen prostitute named Rocky […]