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By Laurie Coker Rating: D Jennifer Garner and her relationship with Ben Affleck has been tabloid fodder for a long while now. Even before the vultures of heartbreak news took hold, Garner’s made a name for herself. As the star of the long-running television hit, Alias, and more recently as the face of Capital One […]

Critica De Cine: THE WIFE

Por Liz Lopez Rating: B+ Para los fans de cine del género con temas más maduros y de la vida matrimonial, junto con los retos de lo mismo además de los niños, el largometraje “The Wife” seguramente será la cinta principal para elegir en el salón de cine esta semana. Dirigida por Björn Runge, basado […]

Critica De Cine: PEPPERMINT

Por Liz Lopez Rating: B-/C+ Si los fans recuerdan la película “Taken” de hace diez años, bajo la dirección del director Pierre Morel  (“District B13”, “The Gunman”), pienso que le va a gustar el nuevo largometraje “Peppermint” que él dirige basado en el guion escrito por Chad St. John (“London has Fallen”). Lo que sobresale […]

Review: THE WIFE

By Mark Saldana  Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars) Behind every great man, stands either an equally great or even superior mate.  On the surface of this indie drama, that saying would appear to be the central theme.  However, as the film reveals, the saying can hold true whether or not said man is actually […]


By Mark Saldana  Rating: 2.5 (Out of 4 Stars) Jennifer Garner brings a fiery intensity to her lead role in Peppermint, a film that also delivers some incendiary action sequences.  However, these positive elements are simply not enough to elevate this movie above the average revenge flick.  An undercooked script with underdeveloped characters keeps this […]