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Austin Film Festival 2018: Interview: TEXAS COTTON

By Liz Lopez At last year’s Austin Film Festival (AFF) a short film entitled “Texas Cotton” featured actor George Hardy as a law enforcement officer. Hardy is not a full time actor and yet, he was willing and able to be the protagonist when the opportunity for the feature arose. Directed by Tyler Russell (“Dog […]

Austin Film Festival 2018 Review/Interview: ORIGINAL SIN (PECADO ORIGINAL)

By Liz Lopez Rating: B- “Original Sin” (“Pecado Original”) had its Texas premiere at the 25th Annual Austin Film Festival in competition in the Comedy Vanguard category. Director/Writer: Jean Lee presents her feature directorial debut, “Original Sin” (“Pecado Original”) and stars an international cast, including Maia Nikiphoroff, an up-and-coming star from Paraguay, alongside costars Alejandro […]

Digital Copy Review: INCREDIBLES 2

By Mark Saldana The long-awaited sequel to Disney/Pixar’s acclaimed and popular superhero movie is now available to own via digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD.  I recently re-watched the equally lovable sequel and took a gander at some of the many extras available on these video formats.  Disney Home Entertainment has put together quite […]