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Review: ROMA

Oscar winning Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” Takes the Viewers Back in Time By Liz Lopez Rating: A- Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón won Oscars for his editing and directing of the 3D space thriller “Gravity” and in 2018, he presents “Roma,” a Spanish-language film as he has created in the past (“Sólo con Tu Pareja”, “Y Tu Mamá […]

Review: ROMA

By Mark Saldana  Rating: 4 (Out of 4 Stars) From Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron, comes what is probably his most personal film.  Though the movie will be available for viewing via Netflix, it is still a piece which demands to be watched theatrically.  But this isn’t the typical kind of bombastic summer blockbuster that usually […]

Critica De Cine: ROMA

“Roma” del premiado cineasta Alfonso Cuarón nos lleva a los tiempos del ayer   Por Liz Lopez Rating: A- El cineasta Alfonso Cuarón ha recibido el premio “Oscar” por su dirección y edición del largometraje en ingles, “Gravity” y ahora en el 2018, presenta su obra independiente en español, “Roma”, como lo ha hecho en […]