By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Michael Connors, who, at one time, served in the New York National Guard, wrote and directed this tense thriller about National Guard medic who attempts to go AWOL and the guilt ridden officer who agrees to help him.  Lt. Danny Sefton (Seth Gabel), an officer whose dad has friends in high places, is granted a transfer prior to his unit’s deployment to Iraq.   The unit’s medic, Specialist Chris Reyes (Bow Wow) puts in the same request to remain stateside with his terminally ill son, but receives a denial as he is one of the military’s most gifted medics.  Reyes begs for Sefton’s help in his escape before deployment, and he reluctantly agrees to do this simply out of the guilt he feels for receiving the transfer approval when Reyes obviously needs it more.

As I watched this movie, I certainly had mixed feelings toward the characters.  I felt for Reyes’ situation as it seemed unfair, but I honestly did not approve of his decision to go AWOL.  Nevertheless, I found the Reyes and Sefton characters likable enough to care about what happened to them.  It was almost like watching friends exercising poor judgement and making bad decisions.  That feeling of frustration helped keep me engaged in the story. I applaud Connors for his fine work in writing and directing this, his first feature film.  The cast all deliver great performances. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for this film, whether it gets a theatrical or video release.

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