By Mark Saldana

Rating: 2 (Out of 4 Stars)

Perhaps writer/director Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA,RESERVATION ROAD) should stick with dark and dramatic tragedies and stay away from comedies, because his latest entry attempts to recreate the criminal high jinx of Guy Ritchie’s early films, but lacks the sharp witted writing that made LOCK STOCK… and SNATCH cinematic gems.  No, this attempt at duplicating Ritchie, right down to the characters and scenarios, is seriously dull.

Brendan Fraser plays Maguire, an American living in Ireland and taken hostage by a young inexperienced criminal named Jimbo (Martin McCann) whose botched robbery of a fish market has gotten him in deep trouble with violent criminal Mad Dog Flynn (David O’hara). Throw in more buffoonish thugs, gypsies and their rambunctious children and one gets this shameless Ritchie knock off.  Not only is it lacking in wit, the movie, quite frankly, feels like a Ritchie film after a vasectomy.  While it’s okay for a few laughs here and there, it shoots mostly blanks.

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