Blu-Ray/DVD Review: DELIVERANCE 40th Anniversary

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 4 (Out of 4 Stars)

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Release Date: June 26

Disc Information: Blu-Ray with Digibook packaging

Running Time: 110 minutes

About The Release:

Deliverance, the 1972 Oscar®-nominated film considered one of the screen’s most powerful man vs. nature adventures, celebrates its 40th Anniversary June 26 with a Blu-ray Book from Warner Home Video (WHV).

Jon Voight (Transformers, Mission:Impossible), Burt Reynolds (The Longest Yard, Boogie Nights) starred; Ned Beatty (Rampart, Rango) and Ronny Cox (Starter Wife, Desperate Housewives) co-starred, with John Boorman directing from a screenplay which James Dickey adapted from his novel. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards® (1972) including Best Picture, Directing and Film Editing.

Deliverance will now be offered in premium Blu-ray book packaging, including a new featurette and a 42-page commemorative book with behind-the-scenes photos and rare insights.  The Blu-ray Book will be available for $34.99 SRP. Order due date is May 22.

The story of four “weekend warriors” who set off in canoes down a dangerous Georgia river and discover a wilderness of terror and survival, Deliverance builds the tension and fear to a raging climax, as the men travel way beyond their comfort zone and are forced to face more than they could have ever imagined.  Vilmos Zsigmond’s expert cinematography captures the wilderness of forest and river.

Special Features

  • Deliverance: The Cast Remembers New!
  • Commentary by John Boorman
  • Deliverance: Betraying The River
  • Deliverance: The Journey
  • Deliverance: The Beginning
  • Deliverance: Delivered
  • The Dangerous World of Deliverance
  • Theatrical Trailer

Rating: R for Language, Violence and Rape

I watched this movie for the first time, probably about two years ago.  I had only heard of two infamous scenes in this film which people have discussed probably since its first release in 1972.  The first things that come to people’s minds when this film is mentioned are “Dueling Banjos” and the creepy line, “Squeal like a pig.” Well quite frankly, I find both of those iconic scenes tremendously creepy.  I must say that Deliverance does deliver on so many levels.  It is quite an intriguing piece that offers suspense, thrills, chills and definitely the creeps.   To this very day, I can honestly say that Deliverance should give even the most macho man nightmares and will make some outdoorsy types think twice about taking a trip in the woods, especially in Northern Georgia where this story takes place.  It has become rare that a movie gives me the frights now and this one definitely made me curl up into a fetal postition.  For fans of cinema, especially of horrific thrillers, I must recommend this set.  It surely is one that collectors cannot pass up.

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