Cine Las Americas 2012 Review: BABY SHOWER

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 2.5 (Out of 4 Stars)


Compared to Sal and Extraterrestre, this is the movie I thought for sure CLA would screen in conjunction with Fantastic Fest.  Then again, perhaps it didn’t impress the programmers of FF.  I can personally state, that without a doubt, this one failed to impress me this year at CLA.  This tele-novela meets Rosemary’s Baby meets slasher film does offer a certain amount of entertainment value, but one definitely has to adore slasher movies to really enjoy it.  I have seen enough movies of this variety to not really enjoy new entries in this genre, especially when filmmakers fail to bring anything new to the table.

 Written and directed by Pablo Llanes, Baby Shower takes its audience on a “horrific” journey where four long time friends gather for a weekend to reunite, reacquaint and celebrate the pregnancy of one of them.  Things go terribly wrong when a killer begins targeting the women one by one.  As the women fear for their lives, certain betrayals are revealed as is the source of the violence which threatens all of them including the unborn children.

 Llanes, a filmmaker who has written for tele-novelas, certainly brings that style to this picture which features that style of hyper-dramatic acting and story content.  For this reason, I found most of the dramatic scenes laughable and corny.  Because I have seen so many horror films, I rarely found this movie scary.  I did cringe and wince occasionally because of the grotesque and gory moments, but even some of these made me laugh as well.  Overall, Baby Shower has its entertaining moments; however, not enough for me to recommend it or watch again. 


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