DVD REVIEW:  Decisions 
RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2012 
DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, color, Widescreen 
RUNNING TIME:  87 minutes 
SPECIAL FEATURES:  Behind the scenes interviews with the Cast, the original Theatrical Trailer, and a Tribute to Corey Haim 
RATED: R for violence, pervasive language, some drug and sexual content 
GENRE:  Drama, Action, Crime
STARRING:  Corey Haim, Anthony Vitale, Matt Medrano, Yeniffer Behrens, Mike Foy, Geroge Contreras, Desmond Phillips and Cisco Reyes

Six youths are stopped in an alleyway by a wino shortly after robbing a convenience store around the corner.   Halo Manchester begins telling the children about their decisions leading to consequences that they may or may not like.  He tells about a group of friends who decide to rob a credit union and unknowingly take the money of a police man on the take with the local drug cartel.  As they try to stay alive and free, every choice they make leads to a consequence that either leads them down a darker path or towards freedom.  As the story goes along, Halo begins to appear in a different light, as well.  Can he set the children on the right path?

This is the last film of Corey Haim and it is a stinker of a stink fest film!  WOW!  It is so very, very bad.  It has it all.  Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad writing, bad soundtrack choice (I really don’t like Rap music so this just added to the bad.), and bad directing.  From the commentary and interviews, you learn that the filmmaker is 19 years old and this is his first project.  He’s the son of someone that Haim knew and that is how he landed him as his lead.

With Angels and Demons running about the story and the truly awful performances, this is really almost painful to watch.  This would do well in a Master Pancake Theater showing or even a Mystery Science Theater showing.  It’s so bad, it is asking to be made fun of.

And the “tribute” to Corey Haim is absolutely lame.  ABSOLUTELY LAME!  All they did was go through THIS bad movie and cut all the scenes with Haim in it together.  It’s laughable, it’s so horrible.  What kind of a tribute was that?!?  Why they didn’t ask the cast and crew to share memories of working with Haim on his last film, is a mystery.  I can only assume that they didn’t want to out do their extremely horrible movie.

So is this worth the money to own?  NO!  Is this worth the money to rent? NO!  Is this worth the time to watch, whether you paid for it or not?  NO…unless you are hosting a make fun of worst movies ever made party and this is one of your subjects.  Awful and disappointing is all this is.

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it!

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