DVD REVIEW:  Elephant Sighs 
RELEASE DATE:  June 12, 2012
DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, color, widescreen
RUNNING TIME:  85 minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES:  Original movie trailer
RATED: Not rated, would probably earn a PG for language
GENRE:  Drama/Comedy
STARRING:  Edward Asner, John Cariani, Mark Fite, Jack Kehler, and David Wells

Joel Bixby moves his family from the big city to a small town when he lands a personal injury case with the town’s wealthiest family.  Specializing in personal injury and divorce, Bixby hopes that this case will get his small new practice off and running.  While walking to work, he encounters Leo, who owns a local small diner.  Leo tells him about a gathering that he and his friends have and Joel decides to go.  Once there, Joel tries to determine the purpose of their meetings and against better judgment gets pulled into their world.  Soon it’s evident that the men’s true agenda is to help Joel find his way.

The story is about five broken and lost men who come together to offer each other friendship and support.  Nick, the angry riddled handy man is facing a messy divorce and the ruin of his career.  Perry, the lost minister has retired from the Church to pursue another calling.  Dink, the more soft-spoken of all of them, loves his ailing wife and cherishes every moment he has with her.  Leo, the diner owner, is sad and lonely but knows that without each other, none of them will make it.  Joel, questions his path and his life choices and is scared to speak out.  Separately they are a mess, but together they give each other reasons to go on.

There is a very fun foot chase scene that had me laughing out loud.  The characters are odd and eccentric but extremely endearing and wonderfully addictive.  It begins a little slow at first, but the quirky characters soon have you interested and engrossed in their plights to find their way.  

It definitely has that Indie-Film look and feel to it, but there is a very impressive 360 truck around Perry as he tells his tale of woe to Joel that is awesome and amazing.  I watched it twice.  Very nicely done.  The film won a lot of film festival awards in 2010 and is now available on DVD for the fans to own.  

Although this film is mediocre, it has some elements that puts it just over the half way mark to four out of five reels for me.  The 360 view around Perry and the telling of the moral of the film by Asner are beautiful points to this little film.  When Asner tells the story about the Elephant sighs and how only other Elephants can hear the sighs but they will stop what they are doing and go offer comfort and help to the one that sighed, it will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.  Some of the character deliveries will move you to tears and others will make you laugh.  It remains slow and steady but enjoyable.  The pace of the film keeps me from giving this one a four out of five reels.  

Overall, a good little film to watch.  It has a strong message and a wonderful group of eccentric characters to enjoy.  The foot chase scene still makes me laugh just thinking about it.  This is a good rental, watch, or buy.

That’s my review and I’m sticking with it.  
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