DVD REVIEW:  Identical 
RELEASE DATE:  June 26, 2012
DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, color, widescreen
RUNNING TIME:  84 minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES:  Original movie trailer
RATED: Not rated, would probably earn an R for language and sexual content
GENRE:  Drama/Thriller
STARRING:  Jonathan Togo, Emily Foxler, Edward Asner, and Kelly Baugher

Rich and Mark Washington are identical twins in looks only.  Mark the successful businessman is facing charges and jail time for investing laundered money in Swiss bank accounts and for sexual harassment charges at the office if his romance with his assistant goes South.  Rich is a laze-a-bout artist who paints and write poems all day.  Mark asks Rich to take his assistant, Shelley, out to an office party and to pretend that they are dating so that no one will get wise to the fact that Mark is the one dating Shelley.  Rich and Shelley go out and end up falling in love.  Mark begins to spiral out of control over his jealousy and when Shelley chooses Mark over Rich, Rich begins to become violent.  As the two brothers battle over the affections of one girl, Shelley finds herself caught between two very unstable men.  

The twists and turns of this story are very predictable in this film festival winner from 2011.  I already knew from the beginning of the movie what was what.  Although it is predictable, there were some aspects that were surprising to me.  

The performance of Togo as both Mark and Rich is impressive.  The two characters are completely night and day from each other and he seemed to go into each with ease.  His performance alone is the reason that this very predictable story is entertaining to watch.  Asner also delivers a very good performance as the elderly father of the twins.

This is an entertaining performance , but it is a very predictable story.  There is really only one surprise in the film, but it is short lived.  It’s worth seeing for Togo’s performance.  Not really one worth buying, but a Red Box rental or a watch on cable sometime for free, is a better value.  

That’s my review and I’m sticking with it.  
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