DVD REVIEW:  No Mercy 
RELEASE DATE:  July 31, 2012
DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, color, widescreen, Korean language with English subtitles
RUNNING TIME:  121 minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES:  Featurettes: The Making of No Mercy, Anatomy of an Autopsy, Interviews with cast, a music video of “Slow Motion” by Epic High, and original movie trailers version one and two both with and without text.
RATED: R for violence, language, nudity
GENRE:  Mystery/Suspense/Police Drama
STARRING:  Sul Kyung-Gu, Ryoo Seung-Bum and Han Hye-Jin

The mutilated body of a young woman is found in a water front area slated for development.  The project has been a focus in political campaigns and environmentalist protestors.  She has been carefully cut into six parts and laid out in form, minus one arm.  Her missing arm is found across town in a cement factory.  Rookie to the Homicide department, Detective Min, follows her instincts and clues along with the help of  famed pathologist, Professor Kang.  When the investigation leads them to the doorstep of environmentalist leader, Lee Seong-ho, the case seems wrapped up.  It isn’t long before Kang discovers that this case isn’t as it seems and his daughter’s life becomes dependant of him solving this crime once and for all.

WOW! What an amazing and suspenseful movie!  It grabs you from the start and never lets go.  It’s heart-racing and engrossing with every twist and turn that gets thrown at you.  It will keep you hanging on every scene and leave you gasping in shock at the end.

Wonderfully written and well cut together, this story is very well done.  The actors are perfectly cast into their perspective roles and deliver truly amazing performances.  The hero is given to us as a knight in shining armor and is quickly dismantled into a very grey area character.  At one point, I found myself yelling aloud to Kang, “What the heck is wrong with you?!?” Which I then laughed at myself afterwards.  His performance is that invoking of involvement from the audience.

These guys even went to the trouble of hiring a real Korean pathologist to consult on the film.  Dr. Gil-roh Han helped them make the autopsy scenes as realistic as possible.  It was funny that I was thinking how it all looked so real except for the blood and he said that he argued and argued with them about that there shouldn’t be any blood but they wanted it to look good for the camera so they settled on the small trickle.  There was a lot of care that went into this film, not only in script and cast, but in the set dressing and special effects.  It shows in the caliber of movie that we get to see here.  Very impressive. 

I really don’t want to say too much here because this story is such a wonderfully twisting, twisted, and turning tale that will keep you on the edge all the way through the film.  It has a HUGE pay-off and it will leave you reeling from the shock.  It is absolutely fabulous.
So, in conclusion, this film is well worth seeing, renting, seeing again, renting again, and owning.  It is a great movie to add to anyone’s film collection for it’s originality, superb cast, and beautifully twisted tale of mystery, suspense and drama.  Definitely a MUST SEE in my book and a MUST OWN for movie connoisseurs.  LOVED IT!

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