DVD REVIEW:  Screwed 
RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2012
DISC INFORMATION: 1 disc, color, widescreen
UPC:  815300011096
RUNNING TIME:  110 minutes
SPECIAL FEAUTURES:  Theatrical trailer
RATED: Not Rated, would probably earn an R
GENRE:  Action/Police Drama/Crime
STARRING:  James D’Arcy, Noel Clarke, Frank Harper, Kate Magowan, Jamie Foreman, and Doug Allen

When British War-Veteran, Sam, returns home from Afghanistan, he has trouble readjusting.   His wife gets him an interview at the local prison to become a guard.  As Sam learns the ropes of his new job, he discovers that prison isn’t any different than the war zone.  Friendly faces are generally traitors and the ones that he feels are dirty are the ones that will save your life.  When he falls in with Deano and his group, he soon finds his marriage in jeopardy as he begins to use cocaine, drink more, and go to topless bars after work until all hours in the night.  His wife finds it hard to stand by her husband and when he finds evidence that his new prison guard friends are no better than the men they guard, it may be too late for him to get out.

This movie is a good story but the quality is very poor.  The British accents are very thick and the soundtrack is very weak.  I had to crank the sound all the way up to hear most of the dialogue and even then it was sometimes still inaudible.  There is a lot of low talking and whispering, too.  It’s riddled with reasons for not hearing the dialogue clearly.  Luckily, the story isn’t too hard to figure out.

This movie covers crooked guards, walking the thin line between right and wrong, and the criminal world in and out of prison.  As we watch the downward spiral of the main character, it becomes very clear that no one can really be trusted in this environment.  Lives are lost and others are threatened as Sam tries to find his way back from the dark path he has found himself on.  

It feels like a lot of time passes without any notice to the viewer.  What seems to be his second or third day on the new job is more like his 2nd or 3rd month from his addition level and involvement with the group.  Time flies very quickly on screen and is unfelt by the viewer.  It never really lets the viewer become that emotionally invested in the characters.

Because of the poor sound quality, this one falls just below mediocre.  It’s an alright story, but you don’t really get the character investment you would want for this type of movie.  It’s interesting but just OK.

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.
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