DVD REVIEW:  Snorks: The Complete First Season 
RELEASE DATE: October 23, 2012
DISC INFORMATION: 2 discs, 13 episodes, color, full screen
UPC: 883316647134
RUNNING TIME:  286 minutes
RATED: Not Rated, would probably be a PG
GENRE:  Kids’ Cartoons/Saturday Morning Animation
STARRING:  Voice talents of Michael Bell, Frank Nelson, Nancy Cartwright, Brian Cummings, Barry Gordon, Bob Holt, Gail Matthius, Frank Welker, and BJ Ward
In February of 1634, a shipwreck leaves Captain Ortega the lone survivor on an island.  When he is found, he has with him his Captain’s Log.  Within its pages are what many believe to be the ranting of a man who lost his sanity during the ordeal.  Another sea captain, has discovered the log and believes that there may be some truth to Captain Ortega’s story.  There may very well be mystical tiny creatures that live beneath the ocean waters and who may have saved his life that day.

The entire community of the Snorks live within the confines of a coral bed at the bottom of the sea.  They never venture past the restricted zone, unless necessary.  Their entire civilization depends on steam from the heated waters from a volcano vein.  Run by Governor Wetworth, the town faces troubles which test their citizens.  Luckily they have the talents of Allstar Seaworthy and his friends to help see them through the challenges.  Sometimes the challenges are created by the attention needy Governor’s son, Junior.

Disc one has eight episodes.
1.  Journey to the Source/The New Neighbors
2.  Vandal Scandal/Das Boot
3.  Which Snork Snitched?/Hooked on a Feeling
4.  Snorkymania/Now You Sea Horse, Now You Don’t
5.  Allstar’s All Star Band/A Snorking We Will Go
6.  Snork Marks the Spot/Snorkdance
7. Junior’s Secret/The Big Scoop
8.  The Blue Coral Necklace/Up, Up, and a Wave

Disc two has 5 episodes.
1. The Snorkness Monster/Snorkin’ Surf Party
2.  Allstar’s Double Trouble/A Snork on the Wild Side
3.  Me Jo-Jo You Daffney/Fine Fettered Friends
4.  Time Out for Sissies/The Old Shell Game
5.  The King of Kelp/Whales Tales

This is definitely something for the little ones.  They discuss doing the right thing, helping friends, helping others, not to be greedy, not to keep secrets, helping the environment, and not to steal, etc.  The Snorks are colorful and kids, themselves.  It doesn’t really try to keep the adults involved.  It is definitely aimed at the younger ones.  For this reason, I found them a little boring.

For those who grew up watching the Snorks back in the early 1980’s, this may be a collection that you would want to pick up for memorabilia.  It will give you a chance to share your childhood friends with your kids or grandkids.  Although, I can’t see many parents wanting to sit through this collection of cartoons, it may prove to be a great distraction for the little ones.  Plus, they get some good life lessons along the way.

So, in conclusion, this one won’t be a family film, but one that you can feel safe to park the kids in front of and go take care of household chores without worry.  For those who grew up watching this series, you may want to pick this up for your library.  It’s 13 episodes of underwater fun!

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.  
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