DVD Review: Titanic’s Final Mystery

By Laurie Coker

Rating: A

RELEASE DATE: 29th May 2012


RUNNING TIME: Approximately 92 minutes


GENRE: Documentary/History

STUDIO: Inception Media Group (Smithsonian Channel)

PRICE: Blu-Ray -$19.98 DVD- 14.98

“Follow detective Tim Matlin from the ice Labrador current of the Atlantic to the blistering deserts of the Mohave as he shatters old myths and sheds new light on the disaster that sent of 1,500 passengers and crew to a watery grave” (Inception Media Group).

I have always been fascinated by the story of the Titanic and I cannot step on a cruise ship without think about it and checking for lifeboats. Silly, I know, but stuff happens. I truly enjoyed the DVD set to be release 100 years after the great sailing vessel sunk. Offering new insight, Titanic’s Final Mystery sets out to prove, once and for all, why the unsinkable, sank.

Using computer generation, personal accounts from survivors as told by actors clad in period clothing and styles. The truth is that the story of the Titanic is extremely interesting to me anyway, but Matlin explores unique aspects of what caused the disaster. He looks at logs, weather details and even travels to the desert to understand why the ships watchmen did not see the iceberg and why the crew only had thirty-seven seconds to respond to the impending impact of cruise liner and iceberg. End the end, Matlin tells us that a trick of light holds the key to why the great ship sank. While there is indeed many aspect of human nature did combine to make disaster inevitable, according to Matlin the ship lost to nature.  

I found so many aspects of this documentary enjoyable and educational. Matlin not only looks at the disaster and what happened, he digs deeper into why. While the first hour, maybe less, covers much of the same things that other Titanic films and documentaries have covered, in the last act, we get far more information regarding the why, beyond human error and into real science.

I can highly recommend Titanic’s Final Mystery from the Smithsonian Channel, for fans of mystery, history, science, and for teachers of such subjects. I particularly enjoyed the reenactments of eye witnesses and the computer rendering of the accident – truly intriguing and stunning to watch. I am placing an A in my grade book. Check it out! It is far worth a look.

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