DVD Review: VILE

By Laurie Coker

Rating: B-

Needles freak me out! After multiple experiences in hospitals and doctor’s offices, the very thought of a transfusion, blood draws or injections curls my hair and makes my skin crawl. Why then would I subject myself to a DVD film entitled Vile, in which the first scene includes a man strapped down on a hospital bed, with some insane doctor inflicting various acts of pain on the poor soul? Only to write a review! This genre hardly ever appeals to me, but as much as I hate to admit it, as horror films go, Vile isn’t bad.

The film’s story tells of two couples, on a camping adventure, who agree to give a ride to a stranded older woman (McKenzie Westmore) whom they encounter at a gas station. Never give rides to strangers comes to mind here, as the foursome are gassed and wake up in house, unable to escape. There, a video plays explaining that, “Pain will be your only way out of this house,” and this is meant literally.  While unconscious, someone implanted a device on each of them, which measures the chemicals produced naturally by the brain in times of torture. Apparently, the doctor involved wants to harness these chemicals.  Bringing us the to the heart of the film and having our victims inflicting pain on each other, sometime voluntarily and sometimes not, in a effort to escape.

I found it all pretty gross, but frankly, I am not the target demographic here. Gore lovers will enjoy this, B-film level, romp down creep out lane. Vile is along the lines of the Hostel and Saw series, from which director Taylor Sheridan borrowed many aspects. I actually skipped most of the aforementioned films, because I know I would have just covered my eyes and plugged my ears like I did in the one I did see. I prefer movies scare me over grossing me out.

I do, however, think Sheridan does an upright job here. As a rental, its audience curled up on the sofa in the security of home, Vile does offer horror fans a decent date night in. Notably Sheridan manages to add to the creepiness with a more ambient soundtrack than typical in this medium of film. I am placing a B- in my grade book. I know others will appreciate the efforts made to completely freak fans out. Blood, blood everywhere and ner’ a drop does waste!

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