DVD Review: LANCELOT LINK SECRET CHIMP – 3 Disc DVD Collector’s Edition

 BY: Laurie Coker


RELEASE DATE: May 29, 2012

DISC INFORMATION: 3 disc, color – for the 1970’s Television Series

RUNNING TIME: Disc 1 =220 minutes, Disc 2 = 195 minutes, & Disc 3 = 93 minutes Approx 600 total minutes

SPECIAL FEAUTURES: music and videos of the all monkey band Evolution Revolution, whose segments were introduced on the original series by ape talk show host “Ed Simian.”

GENRE: Family/Television/Comedy – Spy Spoof

STUDIO: Film Chest Media Group

Price: $24.98

STARRING: the VOICE Talent of:
Dayton Allen, Joan Gerber, Steven Hoffman and The Love Boat s Bernie Kopell, as well as many others.

Of note for this DVD set is the promise that “Proceeds From Film Sales of Special 3-Disc Release to Benefit Lancelot’s Retirement Home, Los Angeles’ Wildlife Waystation,” the real location of the show’s star, Lancelot Link, who is still alive and well and living in L.A.

Playing out a good deal like the very popular human TV show Get Smart, ABC s action-adventure/comedy spy series Lancelot Link: Super Chimp (1970-72) ran on Saturday mornings and I do remember watching them, but little more, so the opportunity appealed to me and I love having things to share with my grandson. All 17 episodes, each nicely transferred from the original studio ABC masters, are now available in this 3 disc set. Lancelot Link (Allen), along with partner Mata Hairi (Gerber), is one of the top agents of the Agency to Prevent Evil (APE), a secret organization led by Commander Darwin (Allen) that protects the world from wrongdoers.

For Lancelot and crew, nemesis is Baron Von Butcher (Kopell), who leads the Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan (CHUMP), an evil league bent on world conquest warrants their attention for almost every episode. Helping this evil chimp out is a band of bad apes including Creto, Wang Fu, the Duchess, Dragon Lady, Ali Assa Seen and Dr. Strangemind.

Most of the episodes included musical segments featuring the psychedelic music group Evolution Revolution, which helped the group launch a soundtrack album.

As noted there are 17 Episodes in all and each has Lancelot and his companions working hard to save the world for the evil Baron. My now 8 year-old grandson enjoyed watching the episodes I showed him and I got a pretty big kick out so seeing them again too, especially since I only remember the characters and watching, but not the storylines. Often the title character and his assistant go undercover to foil Baron’s plans – from ski instructors to life guards and many things in between. The protect king’s and rescue damsels and it is all good fun. I enjoyed introducing the chimps to my grandson, a real animal lover. We have some episodes to see still and they are going to make for good family entertainment and a way to escape the heat of summer.

Bonus Features for the set include: content like the music and videos of the all monkey band Evolution Revolution, whose segments were introduced on the original series by ape talk show host “Ed Simian.” It’s all really good, old-fashioned and clean fun!

I am happily placing a B+ in my grade book, the stories to get a tiny bit repetitive for me, but never for my grandson and I really did find the worn, but spoofy spy stuff all in good fun.

Below is Episode GUIDE:

Disc 1

  • Episode      #1: There’s No Business Like Snow Business – While undercover as ski      instructors, Lance and Mata protect the valuable Star of Karachi diamond.
  • Episode      #2: The Lone APE / Missile Beach Party – Lance foils a chicken rustling      plot. / Lance stops Baron and Dr. Strangemind from blowing up missiles.
  • Episode      #3: The Mysterious Motorcycle Menace / The Great Beauty Contest – Baron’s      motorcycle gang steals APE’s payroll. / A Soviet beauty queen from Siberia      wants to defect.
  • Episode      #4: CHUMP Takes a Holiday / To Tell the Tooth – Lance steals CHUMP’s      secret codes while they hold a convention. / A dentist working for CHUMP      is putting secret radio transmitters into the teeth of military officials.
  • Episode      #5: The Great Brain Drain / The Great Double Double Cross – Dr.      Strangemind creates a potion that makes the drinker – including Lance –      act like a child. / Lance and Mata are impersonated by Baron and Dragon      Lady, who infiltrate APE.
  • Episode      #6: Lance of Arabia / The Doctor Goes APE – Lance and Mata set out to      rescue an archaeologist who knows where CHUMP hides its gold. / Then they      must steal back microfilm from CHUMP that contains photos of APE’s agents.
  • Episode      #7: The Surfin’ Spy / The Missing Link – Lance poses as a lifeguard but      his cover is blown. / Lance awaits his Uncle Mortimer, who seems to be      missing.
  • Episode      #8: Bonana / The Greatest Chase in the World – Lance and Mata go      undercover at a dude ranch. / The agents then go on a race around the      world to catch Baron and his cohorts.

Disc 2

  • Episode      #9: The Reluctant Robot / The Royal Foil – Dr. Strangemind creates a robot      to kill Lance. / Lance and Mata protect a visiting king.
  • Episode      #10: The Great Great Race / The Great Plane Plot – APE challenges CHUMP to      an auto race. / Mata goes undercover as an airline stewardess.
  • Episode      #11: Landlubber Lance / The Temporary Thanksgiving Turkey Truce – Lance      goes undercover as a sailor on Dragon Lady’s boat. / On Thanksgiving,      Lance searches for secret microfilm.
  • Episode      #12: The Dreaded Hong Kong Sneeze / The Great Bank Robbery – Baron plans      to infect the world with an Asian virus. / Lance decides to steal money      back from bank robbers.
  • Episode      #13: The Sour Taste of Success / The Baron’s Birthday Ball – Lance      discovers microfilm has been hidden in a lemon. / Lance unwittingly      becomes part of a birthday present for Baron.
  • Episode      #14: The Golden Sword / The Chilling CHUMP Chase – CHUMP plans to steal a      sword that’s an Arabian country’s symbol of authority. / Lance and Mata      sneak into CHUMP HQ to retrieve nuclear power pills stolen by the Baron.
  • Episode      #15: The Spy Who Went Out in the Cold / Too Many CHUMPs – Lance goes      undercover as a defector to CHUMP. / Lance and Mata must stop a new wave      of CHUMP agents being formed.
  • Episode      #16: The CHUMP Code Caper / Weather or Not – CHUMP agents discover Lance      and Mata transmit coded messages through their rock band. / Dr.      Strangemind creates a weather-control machine.
  • Episode      #17: The Evolution Revolution / The Great Water Robbery – CHUMP deciphers      APE’s coded messages. / CHUMP holds city’s water supply hostage.

Disc 3

  • Bonus Features



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