By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3 (Out of 4 Stars)

I first saw the movie Bridesmaids at SXSW 2011 and liked it for the most part. What I didn’t like is that the film was marketed as a Hangover for women. That falsely advertises what Bridesmaids has to offer.  At the heart of it, Bridesmaids is a romantic comedy and not about a crazy bachelorette party gone awry.  The movie, Bachelorette, on the other hand, does tell the story about one wild night before a wedding where everything seems to go wrong, and with mostly funny results. 

Three friends from high school reunite to help another friend prepare for her wedding, including the infamous bachelorette party the night prior to the nuptials.  Regan (Kirsten Dunst), the tough talking de facto leader of the group has the responsibility of serving as Becky’s (Rebel Wilson) maid of honor.  Katie (Isla Fisher) and Gena (Lizzie Caplan), the other members of the group fly in to escape their troubles and issues and party hard.  Truthfully, all of these ladies feel jealously towards Becky, who, in high school, was the butt of everyone’s jokes, and is now the first of the clique to get married, and happily so.  With drugs and alcohol flowing, the ladies in their haze, threaten to ruin Becky’s wedding with a seriously bad mishap and must pull themselves together to correct the problem.

Occasionally, I found the movie and characters a bit dark and perhaps too realistic for comedy.  Still, I found enjoyment in most of the humor, and appreciated some of the realism of the story.  The main characters feel like real, flesh and blood people with serious problems and issues.  They are not always likable, but do have their charms.  Written and directed by Leslye Headland, Bachelorette seems to have trouble balancing the dark and real with the comedy.  I feel that there were a few too many awkward and unsettling moments that left me a bit baffled at times.  When the humor does work, though, it works tremendously well and had me laughing heartily.

I really enjoyed the performances by Dunst, Fisher, Caplan as well as supporting cast members including James Marsden and Adam Scott; however, after enjoy Rebel Wilson’s performances in Bridesmaids and more recently, Pitch Perfect, I felt cheated with her small part in this movie.  This comedic talent barely appears in the film.  I feel it was such a waste of her abilities.  Honestly, anyone could have played her character, considering how little material she’s given.

Now, I must warn that the humor can get really raunchy at times.  It certainly will not appeal to all audiences, particularly more conservative ones.  For those who can handle it, I recommend this movie as a solid matinee movie or a fun rental when hanging out at home with friends.  Though awkward and a little too real at times, the humor does deliver the crazy, raunchy and bawdy entertainment promised by Bridesmaids.


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