By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 4.5 (Out of 5 Reels)

When I saw that Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were portraying Alfred and Alma Hitchcock I knew this film was going to be good.  I am a big fan of both actors and think they are two of the best.  The film begins when Hitchcock is in a bit of a slump having done a slew of television shows and the movie Vertigo which apparently did not do as well as they thought it would. Hitchcock finds himself looking for his next project and inspiration when he finds a book called Psycho.

Hopkins and Mirren are perfection in their roles and Scarlett Johansson also does a good job portraying the beautiful Janet Leigh.  Hopkins does such a great job that I would be seriously surprised if he does not get another Oscar nomination.

I have actually have never seen the entire original film but remember being shocked when I was in college watching the shower scene in one of my film classes.  It is continuously amazing to me see what the power of suggestion can do to the viewer because he never actually shows a knife penetrate her skin in the shower scene.

This film is spectacularly acted, written and made and I would pay to see it as a matinee.  A must see to anyone who is a Hitchcock fan.

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