Mark Saldana’s Review of JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME

Rating: 4 (Out of 4 Stars)

Suffering from arrested development possibly due to too much pot smoking, Jeff (Jason Segel) has been living in his mother’s basement still waiting for a sign. He has been waiting for a sign to direct him towards his destiny, instead of making it happen on his own. His total opposite brother, Pat (Ed Helms), however, could definitely use some time to reflect on the decisions in his life and the way he has treated his once loving and supportive wife Linda (Judy Greer). Pat’s and Jeff’s mother Sharon (Susan Sarandon) lives a frustrated life. She has grown frustrated of her son Jeff who has refused to grow up and join the “normal” human race and is also frustrated with Pat for his total disregard for his family and wife. Sharon is also a lonely widow longing for the romance she has missed for many years. When Jeff receives a mistaken phone call, he believes that this has been the sign he has been waiting for and decides to further investigate this sign. His pursuit sets off a fateful chain of events which help everyone in his family take a moment to reflect on their lives and help unite the troubled family.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie! Jay and Mark Duplass not only do an amazing job directing this film, but also have an insanely well written script which mixes their wonderful comic sensibilities with just the right amount of poignancy without being too sappy. I sat in the theater glued to the screen as the wondrous events played out. I have enjoyed previous films by the Duplass brothers, but this time, I feel that they have outdone themselves. I recently watch DO DECA PENTHATHLON which was filmed before this movie and can clearly see how it lays the foundations for this picture. That particular movie left me wanting more. In fact a lot of their previous work has left me feeling that way. This one delivers in a profound way.

​The entire cast delivers excellent performances. I know it is way early in the movie year, but Segel, Helms, Sarandon, and Greer all deserve recognition for their acting in this film. They offer some of their finest work that I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend this beautifully serendipitous movie. This definitely is a crowd pleaser which could possibly make even the hardest of hearts shed a tear. I stood up and applauded at the film’s end.

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