By Renee Collins

Rating: 4 out of 5 reels 

I was actually cautiously optimistic going into this film.  I heard that this third installment of the Men in Black franchise is better than the first two films.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised because I agree, it is a bit better than the first two films.

 Agent J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back as their usual stylish secret government agents whose job is to save the world from aliens.  Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement), alien bad guy who is serving a life long sentence on the moon, breaks out of prison after forty years of incarceration, travels back to 1969 where he kills a young agent K (Josh Brolin) which alters the Agency and places the Earth in danger.  Agent J must travel back in time to save his partner, the timeline and Earth before it’s too late.

 I have seen the two previous films and was adequately entertained, but didn’t like the amount of alien gore in them.   I especially didn’t like the bugs in the first film.  However, the alien characters were well done and the makeup artistry excels.  As noted, believe it or not, I preferred this film to both of the previous ones.  The plotline is simple, the acting is well done and the special effects are great as to be expected since the first two films, I am sure, allowed for this one to be as expensive as it wanted to be because it is a proven money machine.  Alas, this film is in 3D which as usual, I thought unnecessary and really didn’t add anything to my overall experience.   That being said, the special effects are outstanding. On another note, the soundtrack pleases as well. 

One thing I must mention is that the casting of Josh Brolin as the young agent K was a stroke of brilliance because he is perfectly suited in this role and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I would recommend this film to anyone who has enjoyed the first two and hope that they see why I think it is a bit better than its predecessors.  It is worth seeing on the big screen.


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