By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 3 (Out of 5 Reels)

My expectations were not very high for this film but I soon found myself being drawn into the film and caring about the characters.  Sisters Sparkle (Jordin Sparks), Sister (Carmen Ejogo) and Delores (Tika Sumpter) embark on a journey to become singing superstars in the Motown city of Detroit in the sixties.  The only problem is that Emma (Whitney Houston), their mother, is vehemently against the idea because when she was young her attempt failed and she forbade such a thing to save them from “the business”.  The only problem is that the sisters want it bad and will even go behind their mothers back to attempt success.

This film vividly portrays not only life for people aspire to achieve their dreams but how that struggle affects their survival.  We watch these sisters struggle to achieve not only their professional goals but their personal goals as well.  The impact it takes on themselves and other people around is significant.  I found the acting to be done well.  As for Sparks, well, to say she can sing is an understatement.  Her final performance in the film astounded me and that doesn’t happen often.  Houston also has her time in the spotlight when she sings in front of the church congregation; wow, is the word I would use and the theater audience gave her round of applause.  It is a shame to think that we will never enjoy Houston’s singing talent again as she passed away recently. 

One thing I did not like about this film was the manner in which the scenes of domestic violence were shot.  Weird slow motion and off angles were used and in one case most of the audience were laughing at the start of the scene because they thought the couple were playing around when in fact he was beating her with a belt as she tried to get to out of the situation.  This film on the whole is well made, acted and sung but I don’t see any reason why full price should be paid at the movie theater.  I would wait until it comes out on video.

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