By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 1 (Out of 5 Reels)

To say that I am not the demographic for this film is an understatement.  My primary reason for seeing this film was because my fourteen year old nephew wanted to go.  Unfortunately, at the last minute his schedule changed and was unable to attend with me.

There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing new to see here.  Just take the plot for any type of miraculous personality or skill changing movie and plug in the new players.  I realize the makers of this film are trying to bank on Kevin Durant’s current stardom to get kids into the theater but I haven’t seen such a one note monotonous film in quite a while.  There is almost absolutely no acting because it felt like most everyone involved is just going through the motions.  There were only two glimmers of hope in this film, Brandon Jackson as Alan, Kevin Durant’s agent and James Belushi as the basketball team Coach Amross.  Their performances I thought were well done considering what they had to work with and even with that this film is still not good.  I must admit I didn’t expect any acting from Durant and there was none but he did alright with what he was given.


I am sure the ten-year olds sitting behind me kicking my seat the entire movie absolutely loved it and I wonder if my nephew would have as well.  So, I am sure pre-teens and kids a little older will love this film but other than that don’t bother.  In fact, if you must, I would definitely wait until it hits the Red Box because that will only cost one dollar.

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