By Laurie Coker

One of the big problems for me with SXSW has always been attending all the films and events I want, and still finding time to write about them. It’s great to keep an order to things and that seems to fall by the wayside too. We’ve added video this year as a means for reviewing, but it’s something I have to learn to do more on my own (without handholding) so here I am trying to write catch ups, hoping to add a few more videos later.

The events about which I speak (as opposed to screenings), are the occasional panel, roundtable interviews, and when I am afforded, one on one interviews with talent.  This year  I made particular effort to at least get score some face time with stars, in particular with the stars of ‘Cabin in the Woods’ (a press conference type set up) and with the film ‘Extracted’ – where I did get one on one time (and a good deal of it), with the stars and creators.

Riley, who attended most of SXSW with me, and I were particularly excited to meet ‘Cabin in the Woods’’ star Richard Jenkins, I having met him for ‘The Visitor’ at SXSW a couple of years ago and she having missed out on a phone call he made to her during our interview. He is a funny and delightful actor and man and coupled with co-star Bradley Whitford (also a favorite of mine), proved to be a wonderful experience in spite of the press conference set up.  Both men graciously answered our questions and a shout out to Riley who managed to squeak in a nearly personal conversation with Jenkins in spite of several reporter sitting behind her.

Since I audio taped my Q&A (and others in the room or course), I am saving specific quotes and details until later, but I did enjoy a silly stroke story, from Jenkins, who tried to let us know just how talented and detail oriented Joss Whedon (duh!) and director Drew Goddard are. I spoke to these two as well as the films other stars Jesse Williams (of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchison. It was a real thrill and I looked forward to writing more about it when things slow down.



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