SXSW: EXTRACTED Interview Recap

by Laurie Coker

As far as ‘Extracted’ interviews go, in the intimate (and a bit odd) setting of the Hideout Theatre on South Congress in Austin, we met up with the director, Nir Paniry, producer and collaborator Gabe Cowan and stars Sasha Roiz (Grimm) and Dominic Bogart. Being a huge fan of the series ‘Grimm’ (CHECK IT OUT!), I found it particularly thrilling to meetRoiz, but Paniry’s script is so tight and intriguing that talking to him and Cowen proved a delight too. Bogart, who plays the villain (if indeed there is one in ‘Extracted,’ )was a bit more reserved and quiet than the others, and on all instances, I am looking forward listening back over the audio to offer more details. Ultimately, all four fellows treated us like we were the special ones, and it was an overall thrill. Roiz is looking forward to more ‘Grimm,’ Bogart has more festivals to attend regarding another film and the collaboration between Paniry and Cowen goes on – for the benefit of all film lovers I am sure.

This one really was particularly nice for me since the movie kept me guessing, held my attention and afforded many interesting surprises and engaging characters. I really like this fim.

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