By Mark Saldana


            Written and directed by Jordan Roberts, this hilarious film about dysfunctional sibling relations has much more meat and entertainment value than the Duplass brother’s DO DECA PENTHATHLON.  Since children, Bruce (Chris O’Dowd) has tormented and humiliated his little brother Frank (Charlie Hunnam) in just about every way possible. In fact, he really enjoyed capturing these exploits on video.  When Bruce comes out of rehab, having gone clean from drugs, Frank has a reunion with his brother in hopes that, besides drugs, he has given up some of his other bad habits.  Unfortunately for Frank, this isn’t the case as Bruce captures an embarrassing intimate moment between Frank and a young love interest (Lizzy Caplan).

            This movie is full of wonderful surprises.  The humor works beautifully and is well written and directed by Roberts.  His incredible ensemble cast deserves much recognition as well.  O’Dowd and Hunnam are perfect as brothers Bruce and Frank.  Caplan’s sardonic charm serves her character well.  The film also features superb appearances by Nora Dunn, Sam Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Chris Noth, and an astonishing appearance by Ron Perlman.  I definitely cannot wait until this movie either gets released theatrically or on video, because I would love to watch it again.  FRANKIE GO BOOM is a riot.  I will never look at Ron Perlman the same way again.

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