By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3 (Out of 4 Stars)

            Director Kevin MacDonald presents a well produced and edited documentary on Reggae’s most iconic and famous artist, Bob Marley.  MacDonald takes the audience to Marley’s most humble beginnings in St. Ann, Jamaica and how he escaped poverty and possibly a life of crime by becoming a singer and musician.  The film comprehensively covers his entire life and career, but never digs too deep into who the real man was.  As recalled by his wife Rita and his children Ziggy and Cedella, Bob Marley was a stern and quiet individual, so this may be the reason why this film feels like an incomplete portrait of the real person, as opposed to being a complete history of the legend and artist. 

             I do recommend this documentary for fans of Marley.  For the casual admirer or non-fan, this film won’t hold any appeal whatsoever.  The movie is pretty much nothing more than a big budget VH-1 special on Marley’s story.  Nothing about it really stands out in comparison with other documentaries about musical artists.

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