By Renee’ Collins

  Rating: 3 (Out of 5 Reels)

  This film is basically an in depth look into a young adult woman who decided to revisit her past relationships in order to find some guidance in her   current life.  Emmie (Robin Tunney) owns her own business and has been married to Graham (Josh Hamilton) for years.  For some reason she becomes frustrated with her current situation and decides to run home for a few days but doesn’t tell her husband.  She then finds herself wondering what her life would have been like if she had married her high school sweetheart Jason (Adam Scott) who still lives in her home town and wants to catch up with her.

I was fortunate enough to be on the red carpet for SEE GIRL RUN during this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival.  I briefly spoke to director, Nate Meyer and lead actress, Robin Tunney before I saw the movie.

I asked Nate what drew him to this storyline.  He said everyone at some point in their lives wonders what would have happened if they made different choices.  This film explores how Emmie (Tunney) deals with looking into her past wondering what if.  I also asked why he told this from a female perspective.  He said this story is universal and not only male or female.  He thought he was able to take this film to places no other had gone when considering one’s life choices.

I asked Robin what drew her to this part and she said it was the depth and ultimate strength of the character.  I also asked her if she preferred making small independent films or blockbuster hits.  She said she preferred independent films but often spends her own money for the promotion which does not occur when she participates in blockbuster productions.  She concluded by saying that she must do larger budget films to pay the bills.

This film is well made and acted.  I have nothing bad to say about those aspects.  The only thing that bothered me is all of the long pans and transitions between acts.  I am sure those alone added ten to twenty minutes to this film that was not needed.  I am guessing Meyer wanted to pause for the viewer to reflect on the plotline but I just wanted the movie to end.  Although, this film is well written, it is not easy to watch I guess because it is harsh and made me feel a bit depressed.  I would definitely rent this one.

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