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Review: Amour

By Laurie Coker Rating: B- I watched the critically acclaimed Amour over holiday break and afterward had an online discussion with a friend and former film critic about it and all the hype surrounding it. When he lived in Austin, our reviews of films rarely matched up. We have, at times, extremely diverse ideas about […]


By Laurie Coker Rating: B+/A- John Hawkes is to an iron lung what Daniel Day-Lewis is to his” left foot.” In The Sessions, also starring Helen Hunt, Hawkes offers an Oscar winning performance, using little more than his facial expressions and succinct, moving dialogue. Not really knowing what to imagine, I went in to the […]


By Laurie Coker Rating: C “This is boring. I don’t understand anything that is going on, do you? What is this film about?” These statements and others like them came out of my man as we watched Cloud Atlas. Less than ten minutes and he had given up on the film. I, on the other […]


By Laurie Coker Rating: A- Crazy stuff happens in Seven Psychopaths, from start to finish, and foul language flows like torrential rain, weaving together clever – albeit shocking – dialogue and some truly madcap mayhem. From its opening scene it becomes entirely apparent that Irish writer/director Martin McDonagh means to stun, not just entertain, and […]


By Laurie Coker Rating: B+ Meryl Streep can do no wrong. Even in badly scripted films, she perfects her characters and embodies each and every one impeccably.  In her current film, Hope Springs (opening Wednesday August 8th) , co-starring Tommy Lee Jones, she gives us a character like no other she’s done before, and Jones, […]