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Laurie Coker is a full-time high school literature teacher, a transportation agent for troubled juveniles, a movie critic,  a copywriter and editor and a very young grandmother. She has been a long time movie fanatic and has voiced her opinion of actors, scripts, and directors for years. Now she gets paid for her opinion and free movies to boot. She feels she is an honest critic, who looks at films from an everyday person’s point of view. While she does have her favorites and biases, she tries to offer her readers reviews, which not only reflect her views but provide enough insight to allow others the opportunity to decide for themselves.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her loving partner, David; two rambunctious Jack Russell terriers, Molly and Sadie; a blue-breasted Amazon parrot named Sheba; three cats, Marley, Pree and Blue and a plethora of fish. As is apparent, her pets “rule the roost,” but she doesn’t mind since they provide unconditional love.

Now Laurie is most delighted with the additional role of being a grandmother to an absolutely adorable blue-eyed boy named Case Michael Coker, born May 2nd, 2004 and her precious and precocious granddaughter, Leia Anne Roselyn born March 16, 2011. She marvels in their every breath and is even more calmed by the knowledge she can enjoy them and then give him back to his loving parents, son Justin and daughter-in-law Amber.

While family, pets, work and movies (150-200 a year) take up a great deal of her busy schedule, she makes time to travel, write, study languages and relax. One of her favorite destinations is London where she lived with her son for a year, teaching school and traveling as much as possible. Every year she travels back to see friends and to explore Europe, one-time backpacking for 35 days on a (literal) shoe-string, proving to herself she’s not too old (okay, okay – fifty-something) to hit the road on a budget. In Fall of 2005, she added Japan to her list of travel destinations when she was awarded a Fulbright Memorial Fund Educational trip to study in Japanese education, economy, history, culture and more. During the summer of 2005, she traveled to 5 countries, including 7 cities with 12 teenagers for three weeks and in summer of ‘07 she traveled to Panama and South Africa (again on an education seminar abroad) for a total of 45 travel days. Next to family TRAVEL and MOVIES are favorite pastimes. On her bucket list is the goal of visiting at least 50 countries in her lifetime and has 24 under her belt thus far.

Laurie prefers films which offer a bit more substance, although she acknowledges the need for mindless movies for the sake of laughter. She also has found an excellent movie buddy in her grandson, who loves to go to the movies!

Laurie, in addition to this website, publishes her reviews for The Hill Country News in Cedar Park, Texas. When time permits, she will go back and add ALL of her previous reviews.

Laurie says “Reader’s opinions and reviews are welcomed. E-Mail me; I love talking MOVIES!”

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