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Mark Saldana, aka “The Movie Doc,” ┬áis not really a doctor but has actually played one on TV. Born and raised in San Antonio, Mark became a fan of movies growing up with the STAR WARS SAGA, comic book superhero movies, and other Hollywood blockbusters. When he moved to Austin, Texas in 1991, Mark had the pleasure of experiencing independent, art house, and foreign language films. Besides his love for movies, Mark has dabbled in television production, acting, and internet radio broadcasting.

In 2005, Mark and his roommate Karl produced a sketch comedy show for Austin Community Access called THE SUPER FANTASTIC SHOW. Mark and Karl by themselves put together two seasons of this fun offbeat show. Mark, because of his knowledge of movies, was later asked to be the resident movie critic for THE PROPER CRITICISM RADIO show on in 2007. This is what really got him started as a critic. After the show ended, Mark continued writing reviews on his personal blogs and eventually began submitting reviews as a guest critic on Now, Mark is an official member of the True View Reviews team offering his diagnoses and prognoses for the films now playing in theaters.

Mark Saldana, True View Reviews

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