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Rating System: 1 – 5 Reels

Renee’s love and passion for film goes way back. She remembers seeing films like ‘Star Wars’ or pretty much anything Science-Fiction as a child and being fascinated with the art of film making. She earned her bachelors degree in Communications: Media Relations from Saint Edwards University and an associates degree in Radio and Television from Austin Community College and is currently employed as one of the directors on the production crew for The Texas Lottery. Additionally, she works at the University of Texas.

For years now, Renee has been attending films and like her partner, enjoys talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of the movie world – actors, directors, screenwriters and more. Now she wants to share those opinions with others and this exciting website affords her the opportunity to do that and better yet, to get even more feed back from others.

The only thing that drives her a little crazy is that now that she plans on writing reviews she has discovered that she has to attend as many movies as possible – even the bad ones. Her website partner, Laurie got a big kick out of the fact that Renee wanted to pick and choose what she wanted to see. No luck. If a screening doesn’t interfere with her Lottery job, she has to attend.

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