By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3,5 (Out of 4 Stars)

This Mexican documentary about legendary cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa is a must see for all cinephiles. With a career of over 200 films, the images of Figueroa have been witnessed and admired by many people. His awe-inspiring work has inspired the work of several modern cinematographers including Darius Khondji, Javier Aguirresarobe, Pascal Marti, Luciano Tovoli, Eduard Grau, Anthony Dod Mantle, Ricardo Aronovich, Vittorio Storaro,  Hideo Yamamoto, and many more who have all assembled here to celebrate the gorgeous and remarkable work of a true artist of cinema.

A visually gorgeous journey through his most striking work, Mirandas Multiples should inspire those unfamiliar with Figueroa’s work to seek out his filmography, and may also raise awareness for those who have witnessed his artistry, but didn’t realize it at the time. As much as I enjoyed the striking images on the big screen while watching this documentary, I would have appreciated it if director Emilio Maille and his editors had added title cards for all the scenes in the film. I also would have enjoyed more background information on the man himself. Nevertheless, this loving tribute by director Maille and Figueroa’s contemporaries does present some of the most gorgeous images ever captured on film.



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