UPC: 818768010632

RELEASE DATE:  August  27, 2013

DISC INFORMATION:  1 disc, color, widescreen

RUNNING TIME: 86 minutes

SPECIAL FEAUTURES: Theatrical trailer

RATED:  Not Rated…probably would get a PG-13 for language

GENRE: Comedy

STARRING: Josh Hopkins, Cameron Monaghan, Kevin Sussman, Guillermo Diaz, Dash Mihok, Sam McMurray, and Alexie Gilmore

Owen Match, ex-pro, is fired from his job at a top-notch country club and finds himself desperate for a job at a less than par country club as a tennis instructor.  While there he makes new friends and inspires them to better themselves and their club.  When he is challenged by his former boss, Charles, he agrees to compete in the upcoming Combo Cup with his country club staff and members.  They all work hard to improve themselves and support each other until game day.  Will Fountain Club keep their championship or will the underdogs, Derby Club, come from nowhere for the win?

This is a refreshing tale of an underdog and down-and-out characters that rally together to try and make something of themselves.  It is not your typical Hollywood underdog story and it really seems realistic and down-to-Earth.  The characters are endearing even though they are set up in a very short time frame.  The cast is perfectly balanced.

The sound is not great.  It didn’t sound like it is in dual stereo and the choice of musical soundtrack is annoying.  The music just doesn’t seem to fit.

Overall, an enjoyable movie.  Good cast and nice story.  It’s been done before, even though this one is not the typical Hollywood ending for an underdog story, and because of that it gets a 3 out of 5 reels.  Rental or viewing on cable is a suitable way to watch this one.


That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.

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