UPC: 815300011751

RELEASE DATE:  September 24, 2013

DISC INFORMATION:  1 disc, color, widescreen

RUNNING TIME: 81 minutes

SPECIAL FEAUTURES: Theatrical trailer

RATED:  Not Rated…probably would get an R for language, nudity, gore and violence

GENRE: Horror, Slasher-film, Comedy

STARRING: Jason Mewes, William Sadler, Jordan Prentice, Benz Antoine, Kim Poirier and  Marc Hickox

Just a boy and his goat until someone makes him mad.  Meet Thomas Capper.   His father is a very anger filled man after his mother died and sent off for two Russian mail-order brides who are more into each other than they are into their new American husband.  When Thomas is caught peeping in on his two step-moms, things escalate at home and soon he decides to head off on his own with his favorite goat, Lisa.  When he lucks into a job as a set production assistant on a local film shoot, things begin to look up for him.  It isn’t long before things go bad…for the film crew.  The moral of the story is “Don’t mess with the goat.”

This is a horrible movie.  The movie is filled with gratuitous nudity and cheesy special effects and gore, not to mention the really bad dialogue and bad acting.  The acting is awful except from Antoine, Poirier and Hickox.  Mewes is not known for his acting ability and this movie plays to his inability well.  He is not charged with dialogue, hence the “Silent but Deadly” title suggests.  Most of his role is his facial expressions to convey his character’s next move.  The only words he utters are to name the most current weapon of opportunity before he starts his slaying.

The movie is disgusting, over the top, and over acted from start to finish.  This is a movie that would be worthy of a “Mystery Science Theater” or “Master Pancake Theater” viewing.  Cheesy, awful, and hilarious for its badness; this movie is great laughable fun.  Not one that everyone would enjoy, but for those that like the awful or making fun of the awful…this is a movie for you.

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it

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