GRADE: 2 out of 5 reels

UPC: 815300011294

RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2013

DISC INFORMATION:  5 discs, B&W, full screen

RUNNING TIME:  16 hours and 15 minutes



GENRE:  TV series/Western

STARRING:  Hugh O’Brian, Mason Alan Dinehart, Denver Pyle, Hal Baylor, Gloria Talbott, Don Haggerty, Douglas Fowley, Margaret Hayes and Lloyd Corrigan

This complete set of the second season of “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp” contains all 39 episodes which aired during the 1956-57 television season.  The series lasted 6 years and covered the tales of Wyatt Earp and his friends Bat Masterson and Doc Holiday as they tried to tame the West.  The series follows his exploits in the likes of Dodge City, Tombstone, and Wichita.

The set includes:

  1. Wichita is Civilized
  2. Dodge Gets a New Marshal
  3. Fight or Run
  4. Double Life of Dora Hand
  5. Clay Allison
  6. Wyatt’s Love Affair
  7. Quite Day in Dodge City
  8. Almost Dead Cowhand
  9. Reformation of Jim Kelly
  10. So Long, Dora, So Long
  11. Bat Masterson Wins His Star
  12. Lonesomest Man in the World
  13. Take Back Your Town
  14. Nineteen Notches On His Gun
  15. The Hanging Judge
  16. Justice
  17. Shootin’ Woman
  18. Man Who Road With Custer
  19. Wyatt and the Captain
  20. Witness For the Defense
  21. The Sharpshooter
  22. The Siege at Little Alamo
  23. The Vengeance Trail
  24. Command Performance
  25. They Hired Some Guns
  26. Bat Masterson For Sheriff
  27. Hang Him High
  28. Vultures
  29. Young Gun
  30. The Nice Ones Die First
  31. Old Jake
  32. The Equalizer
  33. Wyatt Meets Doc Holiday
  34. The Beautiful Friendship
  35. Dull Knife Strikes For Freedom
  36. The Gold Brick
  37. The Wicked Widow
  38. They Think They’re Immortal
  39. Time For All Good Men


It’s definitely a very dated series. It’s very simple and corny with old views and norms. The acting is as hokey as the dialogue but what a cast! I love Wishbone (Paul Brinegar ) from “Rawhide”!

The stunt fighting and gunplay is as hokey as everything else in the show. It’s almost comical. Wyatt will charge a gunman and kick him somewhere between knee and waist with the side of his booth  and the guy goes down in a heap and stays. The next gunman may be slapped by Wyatt and down he goes.  Or Wyatt shoots someone and tells them to pick up their friends and get out of here. Again, very comical.

Although interesting and intriguing solely in the eyes of a film historian and a fan of some of the lost and forgotten performers of the time, this series is preachy, pretentious, and very hokey all the way through.  For today’s audience, this series will not be well receptive.  It’s slow and very dated.

For those film and television collectors, this is a wonderful, although hokey, collection of some of the best actors of the 50’s.  Worthy of collectors, but not a high point of entertainment for others. This one is definitely only for the collectors and film historians at heart.

That’s my review and I’m sticking with it.

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