By Liz Lopez

Rating: B

Who would imagine taking a classic sci-fi film like Alien and adapt it for the stage? Well, a group of very daring and creative amateur dramatics group led by Dorset Bus Drivers did just that! Their serious stage adaptation for their community was most unsuccessful and of course disappointing. In the documentary, Alien on Stage, filmmakers Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey make their debut feature as a producer/director team and show the world how crushing the flop was for the creatives, but then how they bounced back from it with an offer they cannot refuse. Taking the show on the road, the group travels to the big city for a one – night only performance of their stage adaptation at the London West End theatre. 

The documentary captures how genuine the people are that have this vision of a stage play and what is involved in order to bring to life. The theatre director is Dave Mitchell and among his cast is his wife (actress), son (stage-manager), and middle-aged to AARP eligible men and women bus drivers who aren’t worried about “going for it” later in life. Despite having no professional acting experience, they make their set and props completely from scratch. They are under pressure to perform, and the filmmakers capture the cast’s anticipation and nerves. But they got it done.

Alien on Stage is a great show of how passionate individuals took the plunge, followed their passions despite any naysayers. You never know who is in the audience and who might just help thrust you into the limelight. Don’t let age keep you from following your dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this film soon.

Runtime:             1h 26m

Source: Fantasia Film Festival

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