By Meagan Trautman

Rating: 3/5

This movie is about a 60-year-old woman who now has to figure out how to live her own life after the death of her mother. Doris (Sally Field) is eccentric, and all together out of touch with the modern world. She tries to find her place in it, while also trying to get in a relationship with her much younger co-worker. In my opinion, the character of Doris is an all together different subject from the movie. Doris’ antics have you finding your funnier more childish side as she listens to modern music and has daydreams about her crush (played by Max Greenfield). But the overall movie I felt was slightly inappropriate as Doris is 35- some odd years- older than her co-worker crush. I felt slightly uncomfortable as I thought long and hard on the movie and the only way to address it is to describe it as a feeling of uncomfortable uncertainty.


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