By Jan Hamilton

As grandma (June Squibb) lies dying in her hospital room, her relatives each have a private moment with her, and she devastates each of them with little nuggets of truth that she has saved for this time.  She then dies and leaves the whole family in turmoil,  each with his own new problem.  As you might expect, things get even more complicated as each person tries to incorporate the unexpected new information into his or her life.

This is a cute coming of age comedy, the cast is a nice mix and works well together. Everyone learns something  about themselves, and are able to come together as a family again.  For someone as young as she is, Joey King has a big list of acting credits, she was very good in this and should be around for some time. The film was written and directed by Becca Gleason, who has done a lot of TV work and does a professional job here.  It’s worth the time to go back to the summer of ’03.


Director:  Becca Gleason

Executive Producer:  Gideon Tadmor,

Jim Kaufman

Producer:  Eyal Rimmon, Alexandre Dauman

Screenwriter: Becca Gleason

Cinematographer: Ben Hardwicke

Editor: Josie Azzam

Production Designer: Sam Hensen

Music: Nathan Matthew David

Principal Cast: Joey King, Andrea Savage,

Paul Scheer, Jack Kilmer, Erin Darke,

Stephen Ruffin, Kelly Lamor Wilson,

Logan Medina, June Squibb

Additional Credits: 

Co-Producer: Racheli Sternberg,

Associate Producer: Rena Sapon-White,

Co-Producer: Danyelle Foord,

Line Producer: Gabrielle Pickle

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